May 24, 2009 – I’ve been everywhere, man…

This week on The Gadget Grill, we’ve been to Cabramatta, 
Parramatta, Wangaratta, Coolangatta… wait, no… actually, we haven’t. But these guys have…

This week, we’re talking to the people behind the GPS technology that sits in your car. They’re responsible for the maps that tell you where Point A is and how you’ll get from there to Point B. Plus they’ll even show us a video camera that uses this technology to show you where you took those videos.

Plus this week we’ve been testing out a new device that could save you if you run out of battery on your iPhone or your BlackBerry, or even your Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable. Yes, this week we’re looking at harnessing the power of the sun for our own power-mongering purposes…

All of this plus news on free iPhones, Klingon anti-virus technology, a new storage technology developed by Australians, broken breathalyzers, and a possible issue with CBS Interactive and the RIAA. That’s all this week on the Grill, so hit the podcast below to hear what sort of mess we made this week!


We apologise for cutting off one of the tracks towards the end of the show, but if you liked any of the music you heard during this episode, don’t hesitate to check out any of the artists & songs below…

  1. Los Hombres Calientes – Carnival (from “Vol. 5: Carnival”)
  2. Jason Mraz – The Dynamo Of Volition (from “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.”)
  3. Fiona Apple – The First Taste (from “Tidal”)
  4. Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (from “Some People Have Real Problems”)
  5. Dave Matthews Band – Two Step (from “Crash”)

Next week, we’re looking at how you can set up a webpage easily for yourself. It’s not hard and we’re going to tell you just how easy it is. All that and more next week on The Gadget Grill!