December 14, 2008 – To iPhone or not to iPhone, LittleBigPlanet, and more!

This week on “The Gadget Grill,” we looked at all of the iPhones the world has to offer. Well, that’s sort of true. We talked about whether you should or shouldn’t buy an iPhone, what some of the downsides were, as well as what some of the other choices in the world were if you didn’t want to fork out the bundle of cash that Apple and all the telcos were making you do. It was almost tempting to name the our little Gadget Grill “The iGrill,” but we resisted the temptation and moved on.

We also looked at one of the best games of the year – LittleBigPlanet. It’s hard to see over radio (since we’re talking) just how amazingly cute and brilliant this new game is. However we think we did a good result and you can check out my review over at my gaming site!

Plus we’ll even answer something asked to us live over the Internet!


Next week, we’re looking at a topic that’s close to my heart (because I’m writing a ton of articles on it) and close to a lot of parents’ hearts: buying games for their children. It’s a lot harder than most might think especially because their kids know much more about games than they do!

We’ll be looking at what sort of games you can buy without leaving your house and standing in a long line because there’s actually a lot you can do without standing in a line! Save your time as well as some money when you hear what we’re talking about next week on The Gadget Grill!