Windows XP Remains Dominant

I’ve been seeing some interesting commentary this week about how Windows XP remains the dominant computer operating system, and is still on something like about 75% of systems.

Well, to those who are trying to make this look like Windows 7 has failed, it’s like, duh! If Windows 7, in about 8 months on the market, has had such an uptake, then I would class that as a resounding success, given that XP is now about 8 years old.

Yes, it’s going to, and it will take time for it to be accepted and used in the corporate world: if you have hundreds, or thousands, of pcs that need to be supported throughout your environment, then the logistics associated with this sort of change are massive; this is not a decision that is taken lightly or quickly.

But the current situation is, i think, an expected outcome, and one that is very positive from Microsoft’s point of view. To those who are trying to make it look like Windows 7 is a failure, wake up to yourselves, and go and look for some real stories.