April 5, 2009 – More than just Fido123, April Fools, and more!

With April Fools Day now past us, we’re looking at two things that sort of go hand-in-hand.

Sort of.

This week, we’re looking at keeping your passwords secure (because you never know when someone’s going to play a mean prank on you and steal your passwords). In a time when you constantly have to watch out for identity theft or stolen details, it’s important to keep your passwords secure so we’ll tell you a few ways that’ll do that and make it harder to break.

Plus it’s April Fools Day!!!– or it was, anyway. So we’re looking at some of the best that AFD had to offer the web this year, including some of the following:

We also ran our own joke which you can see clicking here. Apologies to people who thought it was real!

Plus we’ve got a bunch of news including a robot that’s come up with its own ideas, news on computers for your kids in school, and a brief talk about the new Nikon lens we’ve been playing with: the Nikkor 35mm 1.8 AF-S DX (if all of that just looks like a bunch of numbers & letters to you, we’ll have a video review on site later this week).


While we normally try to mix up the sound every week and give you something new to listen to, this week was a mixture of a bunch of different sound. Check the following to see what we played…

  1. Paramore – Misery Business (from “Riot”)
  2. Radiohead – My Iron Lung (from “The Best Of”)
  3. Jace Everett – Bad Things (from “Old New Borrowed Blues”)
  4. The Brian Setzer Orchestra – The Dirty Boogie (from “The Dirty Boogie”)
  5. Diana Krall – ‘Deed I Do (from “Live In Paris”)

Next week, we’re looking at IP TV or TV on your computer and the web. Like the tube? You’ll like it even more when we get through with it. Tune in next week for all that and more…