December 21, 2008 – Gifts For Gamers, Octopuses, Chumby, and a whole heap more!

This week on The Gadget Grill, we checked out a whole bunch of news including some interesting facts & testing that’s being done on octopuses with a high definition TV. It figures that an octopus has a high-def TV but you or I might not yet. Find out why when we look at that news story.

Plus we’re taking a quick look at the sort of gifts you can buy for a gamer without having to leave the house. Yes, you can be a good Santa’s Little Helper and buy your kid-gamer some presents without having to move from the crevice you dug your butt-cheeks into.

We’ll even take a gander at the wonderful world of cool & nifty gadgets we’ve been looking at over the past week including a tiny portable speaker, a weird squishy internet appliance, and a big & powerful speaker for the high profile executive in all of us.


Next week, we’ll be capping up the best gadgets of the year. What did you like? Send an email at to tell us what you dug this year and we’ll talk about it!┬áPlus we’ll tell you about some of the things you can get excited for next year… since it’s only technically a few days away. All that and more every week on The Gadget Grill!