February 15, 2009 – Three geeks in a box without wires!

In the mood for a little weird talk & tunes from a trio tainted by tech?

Radio 2RDJ’s Andrew Beale joins us in the studio today for a Valentines Weekend episode stained with laughter & home networking.

Okay, so it’s not a recipe for a relationship formula that could stand the test of time, but tonight we looked at how to set up your home for wireless without breaking a sweat or that steel patience you thought you had. Remember how hard it was to follow those IKEA instructions thayou swore made sense? We’ve made it even easier.

We’re also reviewing a few things this week including something that we had to go¬† and buy after we’d played with that Lenovo W700 those few weeks back.

And we’re looking at a brand new useless gadget this week. No, it’s not the return of the E-Cigarette but it is something just as weird and playful.

If none of that interests you, perhaps the chaos and anarchy that ensues might, as well as all the talk, news, and brand new competition that we’ve announced.


Maybe you listened to the show and heard a song you’ve never heard before? Well, this section’s just for you. This is what we played tonight in the order that we played it in…

  1. Thelonious Monk – You Took The Words Out Of My Heart (from “Alone In San Francisco”)
  2. Rufus Wainwright – Natasha (from “Want One”)
  3. Juliana Hatfield featuring Matthew Caws – Such A Beautiful Girl (from “How To Walk Away”)
  4. D’Angelo – I Found My Smile Again (from “Space Jam”)

Tune in next week because we’re looking at home studios. Want to make your own music? We’ll tell you how as well as a way you can record yourself using free (and legal) software!