January 25, 2009 – Australian Inventions, Wall-E joins us in the studio, and an ox-tail more!

With Australia Day just now hitting and the Chinese New Year beginning, we saw it fit to serve up some ox-tail soup, Vegemite, and anything else that allowed us to celebrate the way we knew how!

For this episode, we took a look at something all Australians can be proud of and that’s inventions that Australians have shared with the world. From the Hill’s Hoist to the Black Box to the first full-length feature film, you’ll be surprised as just some of the things Australians have done over the past hundred or so years.

Plus we get a special guest joining us in the studio to talk briefly about his new movie which has just arrived on DVD.

And if that’s not enough to whet that tech savvy appetite of yours, we’ve also got early thoughts on a new camera, loads of news including a Clippy-infected White House, and enough random things to poke ten sticks at!

As usual, we’re continuing with our playlist just in case you missed us playing the songs live on air and want to listen to or buy them. Being an Australia Day special, we pretty much went with Australian music. Hopefully, we picked a few you’ve never heard and have sparked an interest in some great music.

  1. Sia – Little Black Sandles (from “Some People Have Real Problems”)
  2. Clare Bowditch – Fall At Your Feet (from “She Will Have Her Way”)
  3. Neil Finn – Don’t Dream It’s Over (from “7 Worlds Collide”)
  4. Kate Miller-Heidke – I Got The Way (from “Little Eve”)
  5. Pete Murray – Chance To Say Goodbye (from “Summer At Eureka”)

Next week on The Gadget Grill, we’re looking at a way for you to bring your computer programs with you without needing a laptop. What is this amazing technology? We’ll tell you more next week!