December 28, 2008 – The Best of 2008 and A Sneak Preview of 2009!

Last night was the last Gadget Grill of the year – and coincidentally the fourth Gadget Grill – so we thought we’d take a look back on what was the best in technology this year had to offer.

We talked about things like touchscreen phones, Netbooks, and even took a listen as to what sort of  changes happened for cars this year. Hint: think electric and fast; we’ll bet you the Toyota Prius isn’t like anything we’re talking about.

If that doesn’t interest you, perhaps a glimpse into what’s happening next year. New technologies like 3D TV, Stemcell Computing, touchscreens were among the things we mentioned.

There was all of that plus news. Lots of news. A ton of news. News plus a rant or two. In any case, the show is packed with technology so take a listen.

Next week, we’re starting the year off with an educational bang and looking at OpenCourseWare. What is OpenCourseWare? Find out next week when we talk about it on The Gadget Grill.

As a matter of course, I’m just going to include the track listing that we played on the show in case those little intros are sounding interesting. Remember to support the artists!


  1. Fall Out Boy – I Don’t Care (off of “Folie A Deux”)
  2. As Tall As Lions – Into The Flood (off of “Into The Flood EP”)
  3. Robin McKelle – Comes Love (off of “Modern Antique”)
  4. Christian Scott – Void (off of “Anthem”)

No article this week but there should be something next week!