July 5, 2009 – Photoshop for Beginners

Every where, people are learning Photoshop. In fact, people are learning so much Photoshop that the name “Photoshop” from Adobe’s product has actually become a term people use when they’re talking about images they’re changing. With that in mind, we spoke to someone who knew what  they were doing from Adobe to tell us how beginners can go about getting into image editing. Whether it has to do with Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, or even the big daddy Photoshop, our Adobe guy Michael Stoddart told us all about it.

Plus we checked out a new gadget for all of you camera-buffs out there who want to take pictures but don’t want to look through the viewfinder. It’s basically a remote for your digital camera… with a screen that lets you see what your camera sees. It’s called the Hector and we’ll talk about it on the show.

We also had a bunch of technical problems on this show including a microphone that sort of had it in for the host tonight. If the audio sounds too low, it’s because there’s a problem and we were working on fixing it. There was that as well as news on free netbooks, free antivirus software, iPhones (sadly not free), and a whole lot more.


On this show, our music ranged from the King of Pop to an empire run by cats. Well… sort of. Here’s the playlist from the show…

  1. Michael Jackson – Leave Me Alone (from “Bad”)
  2. New Order – Crystal (from “Get Ready”)
  3. The Cat Empire – Song For Elias (from “Cities”)
  4. Abbey Lincoln – Don’t Explain (from “Playboy Jazz After Dark, Vol. 2”)

Join us next week for more of The Gadget Grill!