March 15, 2009 – From your lips to the page: Voice2Text

You’ve probably heard of text-to-voice but have you ever thought that the words you speak could be converted easily – and quickly – into text on your computer?

Well, the technology is coming and we’ve got how in this show. From Adobe to Skype, we’ll tell you how this technology is working as we look at voice to text!

Plus we’re having a birthday special! Say a big happy birthday to both the Internet and Linux!

Now that we’ve gotten those birthday greetings out of the way, we can think about all the other cool things we’re looking at on this week’s show, including live images from Mars, a 15 hour battery in a netbook, and how you can record TV using your Xbox 360 as well as what the Xbox 360 Experience is.

All that and more on this week’s Gadget Grill, people!

Apologies ahead of time for the slight fuzz on Leigh’s microphone. The gain was just a tad too high and we couldn’t hear it in the studio.


Every week on The Gadget Grill, we try to play a blend of what we see as cool music. This week, our music is definitely that with a blend of rock, jazz, and soul. It’s a funky, soulful Gadget Grill. If you liked what you heard on the show, the playlist can be found below.

  1. Jenny Owen Youngs – From Here (from “Batten The Hatches”)
  2. My Brightest Diamond – Feeling Good (from “Dark Was The Night”)
  3. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – The Land Is Our Land (from “Rewind 4!”)
  4. Spoon – I Could Be Underground (from “30 Gallon Tank EP”)
  5. Maceo Parker – Shake Everything You Got (from “Roots & Grooves”)

Coincidentally, all of tonight’s music can be found on eMusic. This isn’t an advertisement, rather something we noticed when we were compiling all the things we wanted to play!

Next week we’re looking at something very cool but we just can’t tell you what. We can tell you there’ll be an interview as well as some funny & interesting news to go along with it. Find out what we’re looking at next week on The Gadget Grill!