Web friendly and all…

Here at The Gadget Grill, we pride ourselves on being super web friendly.

You know… because we’re obsessed with technology, games, gadgets, toys, batteries, torches, cameras, mp3 players, headphones, moving parts, and anything a three year old can probably choke on if not watched carefully.

One thing we’re obsessed with is the Internet. To quote the little green aliens from Toy Story, “Ooooooooooh.”

So to show just how obsessed with the Internet we are, we are now connected… melted… melded… and magnetically stuck to the web like… magnets.

If you’re using any of the below services, please make sure to pester us while we’re on the air so we can ignore you and then take your requests, questions, and anything else you feel like giving us.

Twitter: TheGadgetGrill

Facebook: The Gadget Grill group

YouTube: The Gadget Grill channel

Yes, we are web friendly. And if you can think of any other sites we should be a part of – useless or otherwise – send a contact through to us here at The Gadget Grill!