X-Plane (iPhone & iPod Touch)

Take to the skies without leaving your bus seat in this review.

We’re taking a look at three of the four currently available flight simulation titles from Laminar Research available for the iPhone & iPod Touch in this video review!

With more titles on the way including X-Plane Racing, there hasn’t been a better time to check out one of the AppStore’s premiere games available for the touch-based devices.

Don’t believe us? Check out our video below…


Just like we did for our “I Love Katamari” review, the text of what’s been said can be found below.

Fancy a flight without having to leave the ground or pay sky-high prices?

Laminar Research aim to get you there and you don’t even have to leave you seat.

Now available for the iPhone & iPod Touch, the X-Plane series of games lets you do it all.

A much easier alternative to their 6-disc title of the same name that takes up around 80 gigs of space, X-Plane allows you to fly a professional flight simulation in the palm of your hand where ever you are.

Boasting some of the best accelerometer control ever, these games let anyone take on the role of pilot and fly where they want to.

Fairly realistic graphics and controls should keep even the most keen wingman happy here, and since the game is based off of its desktop counterpart, updates are pretty frequent too. This means you’ll get more planes and locations to fly in before you realise it.

We will say that it’s not for those seeking adventure as X-Plane is purely a simulator; you won’t be dogfighting like Snoopy in this game at all.

But as far as realism and fun goes, this one definitely a lot going for it. If you’re curious at the power the iPhone has, love flight sims, or maybe just want to show off to your friends, check out X-Plane today.