April 26, 2009 – Online back-ups and a brand new phone…

Everyone these days has a computer, and since our security is one of the most obvious things on our minds, we looked at backing your data up online this week.

It’s always important to make sure your important files are backed up so you probably didn’t realise that the ISP you use to connect to the web has some space for you to use. We’ll talk about that as well as other ways you can use the web for your storage means.

Plus we’ll take a look at the hot new LG Arena mobile phone.

Yes, it has a 3.5mm jack. No, you don't need to buy a converter. Yes, this is a good thing.

The all new LG Arena.

It looks a little like the iPhone but has some other features that will make even Apple’s cherished device envious. We’ll talk all about it on tonight’s show.

If that doesn’t tempt you to hit the play button, then let me just say we’re talking about conductive body paint that could make your Halloween very interesting next time around, what big Australian company is now using Spinvox technology for its customers, the Ice TV ruling, and more.


Every week on The Gadget Grill, we try to play a blend of music. This week, our playlist included:

  1. Erin McCarley – Pony (from “Pony”)
  2. Ben Folds – You’ve Got To Learn To Live With What You Are (from “Sunny 16”)
  3. Found At Sea – Fictions (from “Found At Sea”)
  4. Adele – Right As Rain (from “19”)
  5. Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue – Joey’s Wet Dream (from “2008 New Orleans Jazz Fest – May 2”)

Next week, we don’t know what music we’re playing yet but we can tell you we’re looking at batteries. We’ll have an interview as well as a whole heap of news & information for you so tune in next week!