December 20, 2009 – The Last Minute Show (for last minute gifts)

It’s the Christmas season and if you’re like us, you still haven’t gotten out there and into the throng that is the Christmas shoppers.

On this episode of The Gadget Grill, we’ll be talking about ideas you can grab from the tech & game world that work as last minute gift ideas. Stay tuned for some great tips on how to best spend your bucks!

We’re also road-testing a new mobile internet device from Virgin & Huawei that lets you connect to the web while on the go and connect more people to your connection.

Plus a whole new waterworld, your privacy rights at work, issues with LED traffic lights, the reinvention of the wheel, the gold-plated super expensive Nintendo Wii, plus a whole bunch more. This could only be The Gadget Grill!


Being a few days before Christmas, we made sure all the songs on this show were in the Christmas spirit… though they’re the Christmas song you’ve probably never heard before. Take a peek below at our Christmas playlist:

  1. Jenny Owen Youngs – Things We Don’t Need Anymore (from “Things We Don’t Need Anymore”)
  2. Barenaked Ladies – Carol Of The Bells (from “Barenaked For The Holidays”)
  3. Winterbloom – The Riddle (Tumbalalaika) (from “Winterbloom: Traditionals Rearranged”)
  4. Aimee Mann – Calling On Mary (from “One More Drifter In The Snow”)
  5. Kermit Ruffins – Crazy Cool Christmas (from “Havy A Crazy Cool Christmas”)

Next week is our last episode of the year so we’ll be taking a look back at the best tech of the year. See you then!