January 10, 2010 – The CESpectacular

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show showcases the newest, coolest, and quite possibly the best gadgets the world will see for the next year. From computing to televisions to random bits and pieces you never dreamed of, it’s all there.

On this show, we’ll tell you all about them and even go in-depth with this whole 3D thing that’s making people drool right now.

And while most of our news is from CES, we do have the odd item that isn’t, plus a plethora of ridiculously useless gadgets that you’ll want to hear about. Like the Star Trek wetsuit.

All that and more on this episode!


Here at The Gadget Grill, we aim to provide you with an entertaining show packed with great music. Our playlist for this show is below so if you liked the tracks, support the artists and buy their stuff!

  1. Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes – Fee Fi Fo Fi Fum (from “Music Will Make You Go Insane”)
  2. Bertie Blackman – Smoking Gun (from “Black”)
  3. Alice Russell featuring Nostalgia 77 – Seven Nation Army (from “Tru Thoughts Covers”)
  4. Cady Groves – A Town Like This (from “A Month Of Sundays”)
  5. Wayne Shorter – Night Dreamer (from “Night Dreamer”)

See you next week on The Gadget Grill!