July 19, 2009 – Exploring space from here on Earth

Ever wanted to go to space? Me too, but while neither of us can probably afford it, this week we’ll look at ways to get around it. That’s right, this week you’ll learn how to explore the cosmos like Captain Kirk from your very own seat.

And if you were interested in going to Mars, we can certainly get you one step closer… sort of. NASA are heading there soon and you can go with them… sort of.

We’ve also got our review of the very thin Apple MacBook Air tonight, so if you’ve been looking for something to spend that  tax return on, you might want to listen in.

Or you might just want to listen to some news on a genetic discovery, a new sneaky thing hackers are beginning to do, or maybe just hear about a new phone that’ll smoke up the joint. It’s all here in this episode of The Gadget Grill.

Leigh’s note: Apologies for the lateness of this show. The main computer I edit from decided to die a little inside this week so I’ve just spent some time rebuilding it. Back to whatever my definition of “normal” is next week!


Tonight’s playlist ranged from the political to the starry-eyed. For a listing of what we ran on tonight’s show, check out the playlist below:

  1. Sly & The Family Stone – Sing A Simple Song (from “Greatest Hits”)
  2. Dave Carroll / Sons Of Maxwell – United Breaks Guitars (from “United Breaks Guitars”)
  3. Art Pepper – Star Eyes (from “Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section”)
  4. The Dear Hunter – Battesimo del Fuoco (from “Random EP #2”)
  5. Ed Harrison – Beacon (from “NeoTokyo”)

We may have been all about space this week, but next week we’re going beyond to see if there’s life beyond this little green & blue rock we call home. See you then!