November 15, 2009 – Don’t You Know Who I Am? (The Birthday & Security Special)

Security is everywhere these days. It’s in our phones, our computers, and more than ever we need to be careful exactly what we do when we’re online. From Facebook to MySpace to Twitter to everything else, we’re more trustful than ever which is why we here at The Gadget Grill have prepared our biggest security show yet.

We’ve done enough of these things to know that this show is just as important as the others because today we have two experts talking to us about what’s happening in security.

Plus we’ve got news about converting crap to energy (oh yes, it really is what it sounds like), NASA create an almost Star Trek-like tricorder for the iPhone, water on the moon, Windows Mobile Marketplace hacked just as the iPhone was with its own little virus.

All of that and… IT’S LEIGH’S (the host of The Gadget Grill) BIRTHDAY… and you can guess he’s not going to let this recording go by without some cake. Lots of cake. Be there for the cake. Listen for the cake… and the radio show. That’s good too.


The music on this show was a mix of New Orleans and a couple of other bits. If you likes any of it, we’ve got the playlist down below:

  1. Frou Frou – Close Up (from “Breathe In”)
  2. Crowded House – Fall At Your Feet (from “Woodface”)
  3. Dumpstaphunk – Meanwhile… (from “Listen Hear”)
  4. Los Hombres Calientes – Latin Tinge II (from “Vol. 5: Carnival”)
  5. Christian Scott – Died In Love (from “Live At Newport”)

Next week, we’re all about making computers easier for the older generation. Join us next week if you’ve ever wanted to set your grandma or grandpa up with a computer!