Ultimate Ears Mini Boom, Mark Levenson Audio in the Lexus IS350

From the sublime to the ridiculous is one way to describe this week’s show.

In this week’s news coverage, as well our usual coverage of the week’s news in tech, we remind our listeners that Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP in less than two weeks. If you’re still using XP, that can mean problems for you further down the track. Interestingly, many of the ATMs in use by banks around the world are still using XP, and this may well be problematic for them.

We also discuss the new free instore WiFi offering from Woolworths. Of course, it’s not really free, and the price that you pay?

In our feature segments, we look closely at Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Mini Boom. This is a tiny bluetooth speaker that, for around the $100 mark, comes up as a very good way to listen to your audio.

And at the other end of the cost spectrum, we have a closer look at the Mark Levenson audio system that is fitted to the Lexus IS350. This is easily the most expensive audio system we’ve reviewed, and if the music you listen to while driving s important, this review should be equally important to you.

And it’s available, for your listening pleasure right here.